The Angenieux 44-440mm Optimo Anamorphic A2S Zoom offers an aperture of T4.5 across the zoom range without concern for loss of quality. It has a close focus of 4′ 1″ (1.24m), and is one of the lightest lenses in its class at 16.6 lb (7.55 kg). It features built-in encoders providing metadata (focus, zoom, aperture) via the industry standard /i Technology interface developed by Cooke.


– 2:1 horizontal squeeze achieved by multiple glass elements behind lens iris
– Perfect homogeneity of color, contrast, resolution and low distortion typical of the Optimo series
– Constant T4.5 across zoom range, no ramping
– Minimal breathing suitable for rack focusing
– Close focus of 4′ 1″ (1.24m) enables extreme close-up shots
– Zoom ratio Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Internal Focus Image coverage10x 44-440 mm
– Very low distortion on all focal lengths and at all focus distances
– The lightest and most compact anamorphic zoom in its range
– Precise and ergonomic focus ring with scale rotation of 320° and over 40 focus witness marks
– Interchangeable focus scale ring from feet to meters
– Adapted to extreme production environments (passive athermalization from -20°C to +45°C)
– PL mount lens. Easily interchangeable to PV mount
– Built-in lens encoder provides lens metadata (focus, zoom, T-stop) via industry standard Cooke protocol or technology in both spheric and anamorphic configurations
– Lens data can be displayed on camera monitors to assist critical focusing, and be recorded in camera support VFX / post production work
– Both focus and zoom elements are guided through an internal mechanical rod system, which helps maintain optical quality even after rough handling / transportation
– Front thread for optional protective glass


– Focal Length: 44-440mm
– Zoom Ratio: 10x
– Aperture: T4.6 (f/5)
– MOD: 4’ 1’’ (1.24m)
– Length: 414mm
– Weight: 16.6 lb (7.55 kg)