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ARRI Shift & Tilt Lens System

ARRI’s Shift and Tilt Bellows System is the most advanced swing-shift system available on the market today and one of the most popular pieces of equipment for 16 mm and 35 mm tabletop applications.



  • Included in the set are three lenses, 24mm T4, 90mm T2.8 and 110mm T2.
  • The system works with any PL mount camera including 35mm film, 16mm film, 35mm lens adapters for video cameras and Digital Cinema cameras with single sensor imagers.
  • Shift adjustment: +/- 10mm (3/8″) displacement
  • Rotation: 360 Degrees
  • Tilt Adjustment: Horizontal +/- 10 degrees (scale division = 1 degree) Vertical +/- 10 degrees (scale division = 2 degrees)
  • Focus Adjustment: 30mm (1 1/4″)
  • Weight: approx. 1100g (2 1/2 lb.) w/ adapter, w/o lens
  • Additional focal lengths available upon request|