Sony Rialto 2 for VENICE/VENICE 2

When you need to mount your VENICE camera on a stabilizer, shoot from a helicopter, or fit it into a tight space, the¬†Sony Rialto Camera Extension System¬†enables you to remove the sensor block and extend it up to 18′ away from the camera body with no loss of image quality. This allows you to acquire images remotely with the same 6K image quality and functionality the VENICE is known for.



Maximize the creative possibilities of your VENICE camera with the addition of the Sony Rialto Camera Extension System 2. Compatible with the VENICE, VENICE 2 6K and VENICE 2 8K, the Rialto Extension System 2 separates the sensor block and lens from the body of the camera, greatly increasing your mobility without any lessening of the full-frame image quality. Ideal for handheld and gimbal use and jib, crane, and car rigs, this compact and lightweight system also enables you to capture shots from tight spaces that were previously inaccessible. The new 9.8 and 39′ tethering cables options transmit wide-bandwidth sensor data over longer distances than the original Rialto system.
New system features include a built-in gyro sensor for transmitting tilt and roll metadata via the SDI output (for VENICE 2 only) and four user-assignable buttons (one for the VENICE) for quick access to key camera functions like run/stop and ND filter selection. Weighing around just 4.6 lb, the Extension System 2 is approximately the same size as the original unit, measuring 6.2 x 5.8 x 5″.

Requires Latest Firmware
To use the Extension System 2, VENICE 2 firmware v.2.00 and VENICE firmware v.6.3 are necessary and will be available in early 2023.
Maintains Image Quality
There is no degradation in image quality when using the Extension System 2 whether shooting with the 9.8 or the 39′ single tethering cable.
Enhanced Mobility
Separating the camera body and image sensor block by up to 39′ provides flexibility when filming with gimbals, jibs, cranes, handheld rigs, in helicopter/underwater housings, or with custom rigs used for 3D/VR content and shooting scenes in confined spaces such as vehicles. The separated image block weighs just 4.6 lb with a PL mount.
Integrated Gyro Sensor
When capturing images for Visual F/X, the Extension System 2 uses an internal sensor on the camera head to detect tilt/roll motion. It records this information in the metadata and outputs the data through the camera’s SDI port.
Function Buttons
Four user-assignable buttons are available for use with your VENICE 2 8K/6K and one is active with the VENICE, providing quick access to camera functions like run/stop and ND filter selection.


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